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Hiya! Welcome!

For anyone in the "Characters" folder:

- Everyone here is off-limits BESIDES tertiaries, but I will be very picky with offers on them.

- Do NOT trace, steal, or heavily reference (minor referencing of art or design for inspiration is okay) ANY of these characters.

- Do NOT draw any of my characters and do not offer any characters that involve anything NSFW; I am a minor.

For anyone in the "For offers" folder:

- Feel free to offer anything, but please do not lowball.

- Look at the specific folders for what I'm looking for.

- Look at the specific characters/adopts for more specific things that I'm wanting for that character.

- Money, adopt, and character offers have a 3-day hold period.

- Art and custom design offers have a 3-week hold period.

- You must have examples ready of art and/or designs if offering those things.

- You must have an instragram or discord if offering art or custom designs so we can keep in contact.

That is all! Thank you, and happy browsing!

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