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Hi! Please don't steal any of my OCs, or any of their art. That's it, that's the warning. Thank you! <3

Also, please don't kin any of my characters or put them in dreamie folders. This makes me extremely uncomfortable! Please respect that. Don't use them as faceclaims for RPing either, cuz that's really weird too.

none of my ocs are uft unless specifically stated. so! please do not offer on any of them unless it is EXXXPLicitly stated on their profile. all of my ocs are okay to draw though, no need to ask EVERRR unless it is nsfw or gore of any kind! :3 specific ocs will have specific 'permissions' for that kind of thing though, so!! if unsure, just ask!! ^_^

also, DNFI if you are a fan of boyfriend to death. i do not want y'all near me.

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