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DO NOT INTERACT if you:-are a proshipper
-a babyfur in a sexual way
-into loli/sho or anything similar
-100% support israel in this Genocide.
-don't support the black lives matter movement
-racist (goes along with the 8th dash.)
-if you actively make jokes that could trigger delusions.
(examples in spoiler) (trigger warning, mentions of harmful delusions)

Such as "in your walls" "bugs = skin" "veins" or anything similar
even typing this makes me feel gross
if you joke like that please Do Not Interact With Me for the love of Christ

im 19 (no nsfw)
diagnosed schizoaffective + bipolar 1 (and more) i suffer from manic episodes. its hard to explain, my words or sentences can seem jumbled sorry.

do not trade me or give me lividjungle designs or even mention them on my page, I get horribly paranoid even mentioning them so lmao this is taking a lot outta me

may be weirdly on or offline, I feel weird with the computer/phone camera looking at me while I draw and I'm terrified of sites online sometimes,,sorry,
sorry for blabbering proceed with thee knowledge that some of my ocs have some heavy topics (will be tagged as such but pls lmk if i need to add or fix any tags)


I will never stand for oppression, and will always fight for basic human rights. Do your best to help out, via petitions, boycotting and spread of awareness.



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