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hey hey hey!

hullo. this is arsyn with a hopefully helpful warnin'~!


- steal my characters
- steal my designs
- steal my art
- trace ANYTHING of the above

- offer on anyone in a NFS folder or tag

please be advised
some of my characters, backstories, images, and designs may include:

- gore
- (healthy) polyamorous relationships
- talk abt mental illness
- talk abt ptsd
- mentions of abuse
- mentions of drugs
- LGBTQ+ relations
- murder
- talk abt mental illness in general
- talk about possibly specific/obscure triggering fandoms like Hazbin Hotel, Helluva Boss, BNHA, Genshin Impact, Beastars and more.
- talk abt Hell and Heaven
- dark humor
- nsfw (all 18+) w proper warning
- etc

and if you're scared of dolls, clowns or plushies please leave now as I adore them.

feel free too

- ask abt my commissions (paypal/venmo/etc)
- ask for my custom prices
- ask if unsure abt a character
- message me
- bully angeles

also pls.. do not interact w me if u are a heavy weaboo or fujoshi/fudanshi.. i won't be nice.

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