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- draw my characters as gifts or practice.

- draw our characters together.

- add my characters to dreamie folders.


- steal any designs i've made.

- add any characters to "AB/autobuy" folders.

- make a "secret twin" for any of my characters.

- ship our characters together without permission.

- draw any nsfw of my characters.

- harass me over an opinion I may have.


- idc if you're friends with anyone on my blacklist, I won't cut you off cus i'm not that type of person, but all I ask is for y'all not to mention them to me (unless you’re directly supporting a racist/lgbtphobe/zoophile then you’ll be blocked too lawl)

- as of 1/18/22, giving/trading/selling my designs to ANYONE on my blacklist will be blacklisted as well, respect my wishes.


hauntedspxder - personal reasons, also technically scamming people by putting fake values on characters.

Angelfonds  - zoophile. also made feral porn.

if there's something here that wasn't specified and you're curious about please message me!

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