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General Warnings

  • Some stories may deal with mature subjects such as violence, child abuse, sexual abuse, unhealthy relationships, and mental illness
  • Certain stories may contain strong religious themes (especially Christianity), cults, and emotional abuse
  • I do not encourage, endorse, condone, or support the views or actions of my characters
You May

  • Draw gore
  • Draw as a different age
  • Draw an anthro version
  • Draw in different outfits
  • Draw with your OCs
You May Not

  • Use my art
  • Claim my characters as your own
  • Copy or heavily reference my characters
  • Make money off of my characters
  • Roleplay with my characters
  • Change personality
  • Genderbend
  • Racebend
  • Draw NSFW of underage characters
  • Ship with your OCs (unless you're a friend and we've talked about it beforehand)
You Must

  • Credit me if you draw or use my characters

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