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Howdy, welcome to my profile. Here's a few things before you go in:

Please Do Not

  • Ask to be pinged or offer on any of my characters, they are not for sale & never will be unless stated otherwise.
  • Add my characters to "dreamie" folders. Its uncomfortable.
  • Interact if you're into loli/shota or feral nsfw. Shit is weird, man. :[
  • Interact if you are under 18 unless it is business related (commissions / adopts)! Nothing against you, it's just all about internet safety for you and me.
  • Copy or steal my artwork and characters, they're not yours to swipe and fuck off with.


  • I have very bad anxiety that will spark at random times. This (usually) isn't anyone's fault, but it's also something I cannot control. My words and actions will be hasty when it happens, but I'm working on improving.
  • I'm not a mind reader, if you can't communicate with me, that's not my fault. It's yours and yours alone, especially if you turn to vaguely venting about me instead of directly telling me what's up. Skill issue.
  • I have no interest in designs that have a TOS attached that involves any kind of revoking rule. If I paid for the design, I should be allowed to do whatever I want with it.
  • This should be expected, but as I am an adult, my profile and characters may include mature content! Things like blood, alcohol mentions, mild NSFW, eluding to darker topics...if that's not something you're into, just skip my profile and go somewhere else.

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