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i love your art aaa a a a a 

Oh man you’ve made my day! Thank you so much, your art is so adorable and soft?! Makes me wanna touch it! I hope you have a fantastic day!

ajgskjlaj  sobz aaa a a  your art is so much more defined though like its so stylized and neat,,

Ahhh! I swear! You’re way too kind. Trust me, I get such bad anxiety about my art. Everyone has different aesthetics, different types of art that inspires them. Trust me, your art is so clean, cute, and colorful. You have a soft, well rounded style. Take pride in that! 

sjsgkdl thank you

also dude your art,, its quite nice

idk why you would be anxious abt it cuz its so gooood

Aww thank you so much, really. I think most artists tend to have anxiety or not feel 100% about their art. I think I take some comfort in that fact. LOL 

Your characters and art are so lovely! And your username is 10/10 👌

My heart! You deserve a million hugs, thank you! Your art and characters are amazing. I love all the different AUs they have, they are all so detailed it makes me motivated to keep designing! Can’t wait to see more from you!

Stop taunting with cute characters!!   

Yo! You must be mistaken! You got some hella cute characters yourself. 😤

I guess we'll have to have a truce then!! xD How are you??

Haha! Sounds good to me! I’ve been doing good, how about you?

I'm glad to hear you've been good, especially with the stuff that's going on right now in the world. And I've been alright!

I know, things have been crazy. It’s kinda freaky. But hey I’m glad you’re alright, if you ever need to chat I’m here.

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AAA! THANK YOU SO MUCH so is yours like your art and designs are amazing! You’ve made my day omg I swear SOBS

dude what are the odds 😂😂

im actually making her anthro form rn!!

HAHA YAAAS please let me know when it is finished so I can stare at her for a while 👌✨



your art is absolutely gorgeous!!

AWWW thank you so so much, you really made my day. Your art and style is SUPER PRETTY!

Your new username is   

AWW HAHA thank you my friend told me to change it to that, I felt it fit me perfectly 😂👌

Lmao it fits me too 😅

HAHA that's freaking awesome to find someone else who fits it too!!! 😆

Thank you for the fav aaaa! <3

You're welcome! The design is extremely well done! <3

hhhhdsjkdsa ;;;; <3 <3 <3

Thanks for your response on the "say nice things about the above user's art" thread! I'm so glad my paintings have made you want to get back into it. I have been meaning to make some sort of tutorial about how I paint--it doesn't actually take me too long, I just spent a long time perfecting my workflow and I'd love to share :>

Aww you're welcome!!!! <3 But of course! They're so smooth, definitely a painterly style I aim for in the future! But when you do, I'd definitely love to see it! Honestly I probably actually need to work on it, figure out a way to make it less daunting. I can tell you've got your technique down. I'll have to watch you on tumblr, and keep my eyes peeled for what you post in the future!

Is it alright to ask how long you've been working on art? :O

I think I've had my tablet for 9 years and have been actively painting for 8 years! :> honestly I did a lot of not-so-good stuff that took 10x the amount of time it had to before gradually figuring out how to cut the redundant steps.

turns out I have a couple of videos up on youtube but I'll definitely make an actual tutorial sometime soon!

WOW! All of your efforts throughout the years definitely shows! I understand! Right now I think I'm at that part, cutting out the redundant steps. But I think it's great how far you've come, you know?

OO thank you! I'll watch them, and I'll subscribe so I can see future videos! But don't stress out if you do make them, make them when you actually feel up to doing so! Thank you for talking to me about this! ;u;

Aw thank you! I'm very proud of my progress, too. I really hope you find a method/workflow for painting that works for you, your art style is rad and I think it'd look great painted!

You're welcome! I'm glad to hear that, as you should be! Aww thank you so much!!! ;u; Hopefully I'll finish one soon!

Thanks for your lovely compliment on the "Describe the OC above you Poorly" thread

Aww you're welcome!!! ;u; <3

Thank you for the fave!    Your characters are really cute btw :-)

Aww thank you so much!!! As are yours! Thank you for the sub and faves. <3

No problem! Thanks for the sub as well. <3

HAHA thank you, gotta meme toyhou.se as much as I can. LOL

mails u a kis

Thanks for the sub! I really appreciate it! : D

Your welcome! I love your characters, plus your art is really cute~ vuv

Thanks for the sub sub's!

Awww your welcome!!! <3 I love your work!!!

//flicks perfectly natural feathers// Found you~

//looks at you// Didn't I just see you with curling irons a few weeks ago??? LOLOLOL


You see nothing!! //points birb fingers at you//

But yes!! Lol thanks to the site being back up


I know oh gosh. XD Thank god.

Of course they're au naturale... they're magic //looks around nervously//

For real though~

Y-Yeah!!! Right~ //Sage wipes sweat off of brow// (Smooth sage, smoooooooth)

ikr?! XD

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Hello -smiles sweetly and waves- I am so glad you could join us here

Ahhh why thank you~ //hugs// you're the one who had me join after all~

The interesting thing about Toyhouse and comments and stuff is that you can post you comments in character (but you can see that someone did that unless you go the main thread unfortunately, so that can get a tad confusing but it is still a neat feature <3 I had posted that in Kleeia's person is what I mean lol ^_^

Ah!!! I see!!! Well that's really cool XD I didn't know about that. It is a very neat feature. But yeah I now know what you mean XD

Yea it's still in process of getting fixed up so maybe they will work on it eventually :3 I sent you a world request so we shall see if this works the way I think it will

XD well as long as it does it's deed than that's enough for me. XD And yeah! I saw XD i hope it works as well

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