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Hi! I'd like to offer art for this cutie <3 My art:

Otherwise I can offer $5; I'm willing to haggle!

Hi! Sorry which character were you offering for? :3c

Haha whoops, I thought I had commented on their character page! Its this one:

No problem! I love your art~ I'd gladly take a piece for them! Would you be able to draw this guy?

Of course! I can do a full body; if you have any special requests for the art, please let me know! :)

Oof, I'm finished I hope you like it :'3 I had a hard time shading bc I'm trying out a new technique, but I hope it still came out good enough!

Oh wow it's so perfect omg I absolutely adore the atmosphere and the colours gosh it's so beautiful thank you so so much <333

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