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hi jelliiiii guess who got a toyhouse!!!!! (its me witness)   

waaa yay hi witness!!! congrats on getting a code !!!

thamk yew thamk yew!!!! nyaow we can be furriends herer tooooo :D

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hi thank you so much!! normally i'd just say yes because i mostly use photo refs from pictures ive personally taken, but my recent work has been building off of the in-universe worldbuilding for the pouflons closed species, which you can see here !! as a result it would be inaccurate to credit me as the original inspiration for those, if that makes sense! i don't want to stop you from putting your own spin on concepts you like, but in that same vein, it's not as if the concepts i draw belong to only me.
BUT generally, i don't mind as long as you're just being inspired & not directly referencing my work!
i'm very grateful that you like my art though!! sorry if this is a longer and more convoluted response than you were looking for!!

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pinky, ring, middle, fuck, thumb


B) (sound of me screaming in the distance)

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AHHHH RIGHT BACK AT U!!! i think your style is so cool!!! thank u sm its mutuals time >:)

omg omg your new art piece. im so jealous at how you do colors like its perfect :sparkles:

CRIES THANK U SO MUCH ... i just ; __; have many feelings. indescribable. have to draw them

Hi! Omg your art is so pretty! Do you take commissions? ^^

hi thanks so much!! yes, i do take commissions! i have a simple commissions page on carrd ( ), but if you're interested in another style or something different i'm open to discussion ^^