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General Warnings
  • I might draw gore sometimes but it's really rarely and it all will be tagged
  • I have a few au characters related to Modern Objects so keep that in mind if you're an introject or an irl and feel uncomfortable with seeing that stuff
  • I'm an adult (saying that just in case since some people are uncomfortable with adults)
  • I am very slow with updating my toyhouse, it's all spinning in my brain like a chicken in the microwave but my executive dysfunction has me in its grip
  • I'm uncomfortable with people drawing nsfw of my characters, if you do that you're getting blocked and I'm sending my hellhounds on you
  • if you fit the basic DNI criteria (lgbt-phobe, racist, p/do, zoo etc.)
  • proshippers/anti-anti/comshippers and whatever else you call yourself. Just block me and fuck off
  • if you ship or make headcanons about real life people bye
  • if you support or are an endo(genic) system
  • if you don't support xenogenders/neopronouns

mors meta malorum

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