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did you make your folder code aswell? its so cool and i cant find a coder link oetgbf3ingtelf (if there is one im very blind and need glasses, sorry-)

the folder code was made by 00ishikawa00, and you can find it here ^_^

Ooo okay thank you!!

ur code is sooosososo cute who made it? i didnt see a credit link anywhere lol

omg thank u!! thats cuz i made it myself :D

OHH HAGDSASAG it looks so awesome :DDD!!!!! would u consider uploading it for others to use? no pressure lol its just really cute

omg i might! id have to like completely revamp it though cuz its very spaghetti-code-mode rn >_> but ill consider it!!! :D

fair lol!! lmk if you do tho!