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Thank you!

np ! take care of em for me!

Will do! ๐Ÿ’–

Thank you sm for the freebie!!

Woahh!!! Thanks for all of the favoritesย 

could i adopt uzi and hawke

what do you offer ?

$20 ea?

so 40$? ill send yu an invoice for them seperately, what yur paypal?

okay sounds good :D paypal is [email protected](dot)com

ive recieved yur paypal, ill transfer the OCs, plz update me whether yu get them or not

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Thank you for the favorite!

If you have an interest in giving them a good home, just let me know!

Thanks for the favorite on Finch

thank you for the fav <3

no prob bob

I'm sorry but you stole my profile picture idea-

Punishment for that is death

hnnn thats interesting because, yur mom

omg you rite

Thanks for the faves!!!
Loving your name! :3c

ty for yurs too !! yur name is mega cool too

Thanks! My name is from one of my oc's names. x3
Which is my currently icon at this very moment.

Thanks for the favs.

np :3c

Thank you for the many many faves and i really adore your username~ bet lilac obsidian would be beautiful

aa its np, sorry for the spam !!! and tysm !!!

I honestly don't mind the spam at all~ Also i just noticed how awesome your icon is too <3

omg tysm ๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–

Thanks for the fav! Also you have a really cool name!! :0

aaaa tytytyty !! yur name is rlly cool too !!!

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np ^^ !

Thank you for the favorite!

np !

Thank you for the favorite! ^^

<3 np

Thank you for all the favorites! I'm glad you like my characters ^v^

aaa sorry to spam yu but all yur OCs r so cute <333

oh gosh don't worry about it!! i'm really happy that you like them all ;v; <3

Thank you for the favorite! ^^

<3333 ty for YUR favorite

no problem !!

i think im about done uploading everyone, not quite done with art (also dont have some unamed ocs up yet) so comment if i missed a credit or art from you

i know this is my comments,ย i have no idea how this works so yall better be patient with me, for right now im just uploading my millions of ocs and arts and trying to get as many credits in as possible but ill be sure to go back and credit art and designs better once im done, comment if i missed yu in something, im gonna organize this more later oof