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♡ pending art ♡

Posted 10 months, 5 days ago by lotusillustration

alice // disc
rina premade // finished payment 20/03 // $200
wip available

euntae // disc/ah
silver premade (akami) // PAID // $100
silver premade (yuko) // freebie
wips available
custom multiscene (charlotte+jasper) // PAID // $200
emotes (persona) // PAID // $30
no progress

roxnie // disc/th
persona halfbody // TRADE 21/05
rini halfbody // TRADE 21/05
wip recieved 25/08, contacted 27/11

wendylzw // dA
kiko ych // PAID 14/01 // $12
ava ych // PAID 14/01 // $12
no progress

haruee // dA
kiko commission // PAID 17/01 // $30
no progress

NadiaDibaj // dA
shiki ych // PAID 18/01 // $30
no progress

lotlity // disc/dA
kiko commission // UNPAID 20/01 // $??
ava commission // UNPAID 20/01 // $??
no progress

♡ general adoptable rules ♡

Posted 10 months, 14 days ago by lotusillustration

My standard ToS also applies to adoptables/custom designs

General Rules:

-Do not copy/trace my designs.

-Payment is due within 24hrs of claiming.

-Refunds/returns are not permitted.

-Listed prices are for personal use only. Information for commercial use can be found with my standard ToS.

-You may alter the design, gender, etc but you may not directly edit my art*.

-You may convert the design to an open/closed species provided you follow the species rules and do not directly edit my art*.

-I will create a toyhou.se page for the adopt and transfer it to you. This is to ensure my ToS is correctly attached to the design.

-Do not resell for higher than the price you paid (without commissioned art), and please let me know of any new owners.

-If you did not pay cash for the adopt, you may not resell it for any currency, including virtual currency such as DeviantArt points or IMVU credits.

*-I may be able to make slight alterations to a design or add species traits for a fee upon request. I will not make major design changes unless it's a commercial use design.

Payment Plans:

-Payment plans can be considered for prices over $100USD

-You must state upfront that you're requesting a payment plan. 

-50% will be charged upfront and is non-refundable. The remaining 50% must be paid within 30 days. Payment plans may be negotiable for significantly more expensive designs, trusted, multiple-time customers or people I know and trust personally.

-You will recieve the clean files once full payment is recieved. You may not upload to Toyhou.se, commission art or otherwise claim the character as yours until you recieve these files.

-By agreeing to a payment plan, you agree that the initial payment is non-refundable and that failure to pay the balance within the agreed timeframe will forfeit your claim to the design.

♡ commission wishlist ♡

Posted 10 months, 19 days ago by lotusillustration
♡ regulars/recommended ♡
♡ main wishlist ♡
♡ bookmarked ♡
✩ - commissioned before
diddylyn (dA)
silentxpulse (dA)
 kissualice (disc)
kyut (ah)
 44th (dA, ah, disc) - pinglist
mollymishy (ig) - waitlist
peculiardork (dA, disc) - pinglist
strawbunimilk (dA, disc) - pinglist
adorelee (ah) - pinglist
babypippo (dA)
vvendyart (dA) ✩
nyunnya (dA, ig)
fuwusa (th, disc)
milavana (dA) ✩
ayumi (ah, disc) - pinglist
snowcandymagic (dA, ah, disc) - pinglist
anneke (ah)
moliwicc (ah)
kayzin (ah) ✩
ursumii (ah)
blub (ah)
chromayos (th)
seranyphi (th)
ukie (ah) ✩
aogi_VRC (skeb)
Latelatola (skeb)
makikakeru2 (skeb)
m_fancys (skeb) ✩