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please read at least some of this, it'll be helpful when browsing my profile !!



♡ fav any oc / add to any fav folder
♡ ask to be pinged for any oc [ here ]
♡ offer on any oc [ here ]
♡ comment on / compliment any oc!
♡ block me if i make you uncomfortable / etc


〤 copy / trade / steal my art or ocs
〤 use my ocs or their art as icons/pagedolls/etc
〤 insult me / my art / my ocs
〤 ghost me on art / trade / custom / etc offers
〤 interact if you are bigoted / hateful (anti-lgbt+, racist, etc) OR identify as a (no)map / (no)zoo
〤 harass me in any form! [ if there is an issue, please contact me nicely, as i'd like to resolve things before they get worse / if i'm unaware / etc ]


☆ sometimes i fav ocs & put them in dreamie folders, if this makes you uncomfortable please tell me! ( i have a hard time remembering preferences/misread sometimes, so please don't assume i'm just being rude! )
☆ i'm not a character hoarder ( i love every single one of my ocs! i just have a lot of love to give, and a there are many funney little guys out there )
☆ i don't support my (or anyone else's) oc's actions !! ( i support developing ocs in unique forms, even if they're 'bad' characters )

note: i do have issues with memory & text/talking to others, so please be patient with me!
> i try to keep a list of what art and such i owe, but do remind me/mention a deadline if needed!
> i have a hard time with typing quirks sometimes, or may need you to retype something ;w; please know i'm not trying to be rude!

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