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Terms of Service

Hi there! Thanks for clicking! However, I do hope you'll follow a few simple rules while you're here. Don't steal my art or designs- color refrencing or pose inspiration is fine, just please give credit and a link to the original. My characters shouldn't contain anything too sensitive, but I will post a warning if they do. I have profile warnings and css turned off, so if info contained in that is important to an interaction, please let me know!

note: you may notice that some characters have "NFT" on their profile. this has no relation to NFTs, which I despise, and simply means "not for trade".
Please do not
  • Draw NSFW of my characters
  • Steal or copy my designs. Inspiration is allowed within reason, and colorpicking is fine as long as there is no possibility of confusion between the characters.
  • Steal/trace/recolor any art
  • It makes me very uncomfortable when my characters are drawn anthro, please don't draw them anthro unless they're specifically noted as such!
  • My characters and art MAY contain minor blood and gore
  • Any sensitive topics will have a warning in the thumbnail
  • Any sensitive characters will have a warning page
  • There is NO NSFW on my page, other than blood/violence. I am a minor AND aspec so I'm not interested in that stuff! Do not bring NSFW content to my page, either.
  • My biggest rule interaction-wise is to not call me a furry. It sounds dumb, I know, but I shouldn't need to explain why something makes me uncomfortable. It brings back bad memories, and we can leave it at that.

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