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General Warnings
  • i usually like writing dark/screwy things, but i mark such things according to my own discretion.
  • There will most likely be various disturbing imagery throughout my profile (images on character profiles are properly tagged, however.). So if that bothers you, I recommend avoiding my “story” folder section, as it’s the heaviest area.

  • Do not draw pornographic content of my characters. However, I do allow tasteful/artistic nudity(only on chars confirmed to be AND look 18+) and gore.
  • do not trace, copy, reference, repost, or steal my art/ocs (this should be obvious, but it has to be said because of *certain* people)
  • Dni if you are any sort of problematic person or lying about your age

  • feel free to make fanart! i absolutley adore when others draw my babies
  • i like collecting ocs and daydream/fantasizing about them all day, but i have a bad habit of not writing down backstories and tidbits i come up with.
  • i could literally spend all day organizing my characters

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