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General Warnings

  • NSFW content is sometimes included in some of these characters on their profile. All content will be marked and censored accordingly, and the characters are mature-blocked from underage users.
  • Drug content is sometimes included in the character's content, and will be marked and censored accordingly.

  • Don't ask if the characters here are for sale. They are not, though my sales account is thatdarnfurry.
  • However you may ask to be added to a pinglist. Please note that if I do sell a character, it will be on my sales/art account, and you will be pinged via that account(thatdarnfurry). Any character with an emoji will never be for sale.
  • All pings are FCFS. Previous owners that I purchase said character from, get first ping upon request and then I go down the line. Anyone else must message me for a ping request.
  • While this should go without saying, I do not permit anyone else to use my characters, and I do not do "co-ownership" so do not ask. Do not use my characters or their artwork for references, tracing, "inspiration" for other art works, or roleplay.
Other Info

  • If you have any questions, concerns, or such please do not hesitate to contact me via Private Message. I check my inbox whenever I can, with the wait time being a week, max at most.

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