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Welcome ! Please enjoy your stay on my profile. Just some things to keep in mind :

● Please do NOT offer on any characters on this account or my storage account UNLESS they are in the uft/ufs folder ! 

● If you see my characters on another account that is not mothskulls, glassbeetles, or byronicblood, they are stolen !!

● Some of my characters have mature themes, but they will also have a warning on them. I have a lot of insect-like features, if this bothers you, I'd keep away ! I have so many of them and they are often not tagged.

● I am an adult uncomfortable with nsfw but non-sexual nudity and sometimes lingerie can be found on some characters. These characters are always and only adults. 

● I do not condone the actions of characters with information containing murder, cannibalism, assault, or any sort of criminal and/or abusive behaviour. These are simply story telling devices, but the importance of these crimes and abusive actions are not being undermined nor are they being glorified.  

● I'm okay if you take some inspiration from my characters but do not completely rip them off, thanks! Also, please don't interact with me if you are friends with these people. 

● Please do not kin me, or my characters. 

● Please do not interact in general if : 

• You are / support MAPS - p/dophiles or support them being a part of the LGBTQIA+ community.

• You don't support xenogenders, xenopronouns and neopronouns.

- You are an a-spec exclusionist, I am a part of this community and will not tolerate exclusionary / gatekeeping behaviour.

• You support creation and distribution of NFTS.

• You think femboy is considered a transphobic term (I use this term to identify AMAB characters that dress / appear feminine and DO NOT identify as trans fem. It is not being used as a derogatory term.)

• You know the deal, racism, bigotry, misogynistic and any discrimination against the LGBTQIA+ community ain't gonna be found here. 

● Please note, I am uncomfortable around "kinsona" characters, especially if they directly rip off characters from media and have a similar sounding name. This is just something I have an issue with, and I will mostly not interact if you have multiple of these characters. 

Overall, be nice and we'll get along ! I hope this finds you well and you have a good day. 

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