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Heya! Before viewing my characters, please bear this in mind:

- I sometimes cover controversial or triggering concepts with character development/story writing. If it could happen in real life, I may have incorperated it for plot, deving, or backstory.

- Just because a character thinks, acts, or speaks a certain way, does not mean I do. They have their own minds and opinions. (I do not discriminate with my OCs Gender/sexuality/preferences).

- Some characters may contain mature artwork, and as mentioned prior, it could be controversial.

- My characters ARE NOT for Sale/Trade. (unless otherwise stated)

All characters and creatures on this account belong to nitrogoblin /Brandi Stone (c) 2000-Present These characters/Designs/Stories are Copy-written and Trademarked to nitrogoblin /Brandi Stone ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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