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-anti-religious ( i don't show it much here, but i'm a pretty religious person IRL )

-people who post a lot of politics/discourse/drama-related stuff ( i don't need that extra stress )

-you think fetishising people of colour/orientalism is “not racist” and that fetishising mlm/wlw/trans or being a fujoshi/fudanshi/etc is “not homophobic” ( it is. VERY. there is A LINE between being supportive of a minority and fetishising them. i’m literally a queer brown person, so get the FECK off my page if you’re like this. )

-you mishandle beings from dharmic religious lore ( asura, yaksha, naga, etc. ) ( if you make characters who are these species, it's fine, but if i see another naga fetishist or """"yaksha demon"""" character, i swear... )
-most of my inspiration is from my dreams so there’s a lot of wacky unreality stuff here

-a lot of my designs have bright colours and some images may be untagged ( i try to tag all the drawings that i think have super-bright colours, but there might still be some that i missed )

-i sometimes make jokes related to offensive stereotypes ( i only use the ones i can reclaim, but just in case )
-feel free to ask if you want to link your characters with mine! so long as i don’t find you creepy and i can trust you, i’d be happy to do so! i’m a sucker for crossovers hj,hjmbmjg

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