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hello! please read everything here over before proceeding to my profile. i DO NOT owe you explanations for anything listed here. if you have any sort of issue with anything you may see here, i ask that you please respect me by clicking off my page! have a lovely day! 💙

do not interact:

  • endogenic systems (i have my reasons)
  • MAPs
  • TERFs
  • neonazis
  • racists
  • xenophobes
  • pro-lifers
  • misogynists
  • queerphobes
  • radfems
  • anti-self dx
  • exclusionists
  • antisemites
  • people who villainize cluster B disorders
  • zoos
  • ableists
  • proshippers

my art do nots:

  • normal gore (candy, neon, and pastel are fine!)
  • anything NSFW and/or suggestive
  • ships with my OCs which don't have canon relationships
  • any sort of bigotry (racism, sexism, homophobia, ableism, etc)
  • any sort of substance use and/or self harm
  • pedophilia, zoophilia, and/or incest
  • changing my OCs' species, gender, and/or body type
  • any sort of fetish appeal

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