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Hello! General profile things

• Don’t interact if you’re ableist, racist, LGBTQA+phobic, etc.

• Don’t bring your politics onto my page pls

• Please don’t start drama on my page or bring up things that happened a while ago :// not very cash money



• Abuse/assault in their stories as a coping mechanism for my own traumas, I do not condone any of this but it does help me a lot

• I DO NOT support problematic behaviors my characters may have, especially if they’re antagonists. Characters are characters and I don’t believe in everything they do


• copy/trace/heavily reference :(((

• roleplay as them!

• you’re okay to kin them, i don’t mind, but please don’t be an ass about it?


PLEASE dm me if I myself exhibit problematic behaviors I am unaware of! I’d rather apologize and learn than have you think I’m some icky person because I was ignorant on a subject. 

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