the library


fursona mascot self
A collection of characters that represent me and my many facets. It includes my main sona, alt-sonas, and mascots that all embody me in some sort of way. me, myself, & i


forever favourites permanent
Characters that are coming to the grave with me. They include acquired dreamies, and those with a lot of sentimental value. They are all more or less actively used. forever & always


active primary mains
A lot of my go-to characters. The majority of these have fleshed out personalities and are my favourites to purchase art for. I could not see myself without them! primarily used


secondary wips pending
Characters that are still in use, but not as actively. Includes those who need a little bit more work, or some I've fallen out of love with. These OCs are always up for offer! second in command


shantyland ailidae misc.
Collection of closed species characters that I've collected over the years. Features some of my favourites species and breeds by Colonel, Chim, and Pigeon. closed species


inactive forever sentimental
Characters I've owned forever, but am not currently using at the moment. They hold a special place in my heart, and I would never part with them as a result. retired

chirpicon pigebite cshead moodboard canine forever colonel primary cs feline litter custom pigeon secondary mutt rana artsy cat retired vday