PMD: Starfall

It's been several generations since Dark Matter was defeated, and the world inhabited only by Pokemon has been living in an era of peace ever since. The spread of Mystery Dungeons has slowed considerably, and the need for exploration teams has been evened out. In fact, in all this time, no humans have been summoned to the world, turning the previous heroes' stories into tall tales. All in all, life is... uneventful.

However, there are cracks in the foundation of this time of peace. Mystery dungeons are beginning to spread again at a faster pace. Pokemon have been disappearing, leaving nothing behind. Strange beings who barely resemble the Pokemon we know have been sighted hiding in the outskirts of villages. And most terrifying of all, there seem to be cracks growing across the land that lead to nowhere. No one's sure when it started, but these incidents all seem connected and are growing too fast to keep up with.

Eventually, they uproot the life of a young performer from an energetic joyous town on the seaside of Mist Continent- a young Popplio named Valerie. Valerie aspires to travel across the world as a contest star, but her brother Marlow's worry over her condition has kept her rooted and paranoid in Serenade Falls. Valerie, though paranoid about the outskirts of town, keeps a positive and joyous attitude, helping out the Pokemon of Serenade and performing shows with Marlow. 

One day, however, during practice with Marlow, another crack in the land opens around them- but this one led to a different world entirely! A Nihilego swarm bursts out of the crack and kidnaps Valerie, destroying the connection between their worlds in the process. Valerie is saved by a duo of Pokemon- Asha, a cautious and short tempered Gligar who's traveling across dimensions to find her lost family, and Skylar, a daring and rowdy Espurr who's trying to find their place in the multiverse and is mostly just tagging along with Asha. Valerie, having gotten her wish to travel outside Serenade in the worst way possible, clings onto the duo, and they allow her to stay as she would certainly perish on her own. The three of them decide that finding the Pokemon World is their common goal, and set off together to find a way there, hitting several bumps as they encounter many worlds and Pokemon unlike the ones Valerie knows, but growing ever closer along the way.

(Aka this is where all these losers are documented. this story lives in my brain rent free. The unsorted folder here is the main trio, other folders have like other stories i want to do or characters who belong in certain sections of the story)