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  • mass faving is ok!
  • don't offer on anyone outside of UFT/S, ADOPTS, or TERTIARY
  • adding to dreamie folders is ok, but just know i VERY rarely trade / resell OCs
  • i don't do pinglists, for the reason mentioned above. don't ask please.


  • i sometimes hint at nsfw things in my character profiles (like top/bottom/verse discussion), but nothing super explicit unless marked with a warning
  • a lot of my stories have sensitive content, but i put warnings on them. if i'm ever missing a warning, please let me know!
  • i dont condone the actions of my awful characters


  • LGBTQ+phobic
  • don't support polyamory
  • don't support BLM / ACAB
  • zoophile
  • MAP/MAP supporter
  • "anti-anti"
  • DDLG / CGL (age regressors / CGLRE is fine!)
  • you're gonna be mean to me about my self insert(s) >:(
  • you're into v*re (sorry i have really bad experiences with multiple people and it's a genuine trigger)
  • you're primarily a fetish / nsfw artist (no shade it just makes me uncomfy)


coldioc & MICROWBIRD (shared acc: queercatte)
if you're friends w / support these individuals, please don't interact. and please do not ask me about why they're on my blacklist. the only thing i will say publicly is that they both continue to deadname me in private DMs with people, while using the correct name publicly. do not go to them asking questions, for my own safety.
other than that if you have any questions, whether it's pertaining to my codes or my characters, feel free to shoot me a message or comment! :] i don't bite!

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