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NONE of my characters are ufs/t/o unless stated otherwise in their tags or description. please do not offer on anyone unless theyre clearly up for grabs.
please do not add any of my story characters into a dreamie / similar folder. they will never be available and it makes me uncomfortable.

General Warnings

  • i sometimes hint at nsfw things in my character profiles (like top/bottom/verse discussion), but nothing super explicit unless marked as such, or with a warning on it.
  • a lot of my stories have sensitive content, but i put warnings on them. if im ever missing a warning, please let me know!
  • i dont condone the actions of my awful characters.

Other Info

  • a LOT of my OCs are LGBT and polyamorous. if you have a problem with that this isnt the place for you
other than that if you have any questions, whether its pertaining to my codes or my characters, feel free to shoot me a message or comment! :] i dont bite!

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