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If you wish to get pinged for one of my designs, please read the following! (Last updated 4/3/2021)

  I am willing to be amicable and ping if you comment on the character you're wanting a ping on. If you DM me asking, I'll refer you to the character comment page so I can keep track of it better.

  I am not obligated to notify you of pings. I am willing to try when I'm going to put the character up for trade or sale, but if I find myself needing the character for a trade, I will move forward with no pings sent out.

  If you have any questions about a character's status, you're always free to ask either via character comments or DM! The emoji guide on my profile should be clear cut, but anything else, let me know!

Please note your consent will be stored in cookies until your session is closed.

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