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Please be notified that several of the profiles of my characters include mentions (or even explicit descriptions) of generally considered sensitive or harmful content such as;

• homophobia
• rape
• self-harm
• suicide
• animal abuse
• child abuse
• domestic abuse / abusive relationship
• drug /alcohol abuse
• racism

This does NOT mean that I agree with any of these philosophies or support them in any way! Purpose of the profiles of my characters is not to glorify or justify these concepts. 


All of the characters on my are mine, I own all of them. Please do not steal their backstories, design, names, personalities, etc. Don't trace over their art and don't use them as if they were yours (this includes using them as your roleplay characters in text forum roleplays or even private roleplay). 

They are mine, please respect that!


Art gifts are okay with me as long as it's not anti-art or hate-art or any other kind of hate-related art. 

Please notice that I don't owe you any art just because you gifted me some unless there was some kind of an agreement beforehand. In other words, you gifting me an artwork of any kind at any situation doesn't mean we are doing an art trade unless I said so.

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