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May I please draw one of your characters? They’re all so cute :0

definitely!! i would love to see it

Finished it! I’m not great at realistic-ish markings, so I hope I’ve done a decent job at it! :)

it's so cute ;; you've done beautifully! thank you so much aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

:DD I’m glad you like it! ^^

Such precious characters you have <3

thank youuu <3 i adore them

hello there, are any of yoUr Alidae dogs open for offers?

i am unlikely to part with them but you can make offers!


it's not my art :0 lunaeden here/lunaradopts on dA! shes incredible


hello ! <3 do you do icon commissions by chance? theyre gorgeous !!

which icons are you talking?

pixel icons

i might? which character are you wanting? and thanks for your interest and compliment too!

would she be ok?^^ and of course !!♡♡

i might be able to, what size were you looking for!

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hi! i recently found your page and i really like your characters. i just started use toyhouse not to long ago, so i'm not that good at some of the mechanics but i saw that your folders have pictures on them. can you explain to me how to do that?

hi! thanks! you can add thumbnails from the manage folder page. so the drop-down menu on the right hand side, click folders under manage, and then the folder you want to add a picture for. then just upload an image where it says thumbnail

You have such well thought out characters! They have such neat little bio pages as well!

thank you!!! i need to work on bios for a lot of them ;_;

You’re welcome! I can tell you’ve put work into them and you’ll get their eventually with their bios! ^^

Sorry for the fav spam...! I really love a lot of your OCs... 😅❤

thats okay omg THANK U i love them too ;o;

i adore your characters, they're all so beautiful!! ive noticed you have the little,, floaty pictures in the corner of everyone's page. how do you do that?

thank you!!

your characters are the cutest :DDD

thank you so much!! i love them dearly

they are such precious children,

how was i not following you tf

it is a mystery 👻

Omg your art is so amazing, and your style is absolutely precious aaaa <3

AW thank you so much ;;

Aaack you're welcome!!! It's true!


thank you ;w; they're my babies <3


thank you!!! i love them so much aa


thank you! i wish i could take credit for designing any of them, all i can lay claim to is collecting them and having good taste haha

i do love them! i want a borzoi as a pet some day, but that's way in the future.


i've only met one but she's the sweetest thing


heck yeah, that's the way to go

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I love the aesthetics and general feel of your characters! They're all so very lovely <3

thank you so much ;o; i love them too <33

I absolutely LOVE your characters ^^ Just stopping by to say hello! ;)

thank you! i love them too <3!

Your characters are beautiful! <3

thank you very much, i adore them!