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thank you for looking at my characters but i'm going to have to stop you for just a moment. you see, there are some things you must understand before going to these characters. there might be some content that could be potentially triggering. i also have a lot of LGBTQ+ characters along with people of color. if you have any issue with my characters - i don't care.

here are some characters who are adults and have some nsfw art (hidden, but it's there). minors, do not interact. but, like, if i accidentally interacted with you, i'm sorry - i don't always check the profiles before i do but i'm forming the habit to.

if you're trying to get to my codes, please check out the image gallery in my code thread and let me know in the thread which code you want. if you're someone interested in NFTs, you're not welcomed here. fuck off.

please do not

  • copy, trace, or steal these characters
  • lewd the minors, especially
  • roleplay or kin with the characters
  • ask for trades and/or sales
  • utilize the character art for NFTs

content warnings

  • mentions of trauma
  • mentions of mental illness
  • mentions of abuse
  • mentions of violence
  • mentions of racism & sexism
  • (hidden) nsfw pictures of adult characters

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