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im leaving social media bc i dont like it. i will return to toyhouse on occasion for storage, but otherwise, i probably won't be posting very much here.

im gonna move my ass to discord. if you want to support me/my art feel free to join my server (its more of a friend server than mine) where i plan to post more. its new so its a bit uhh empty BUT i wanna give everybody who joins their own channel or forum space to post their art so i can support my friends! you're welcome to join or not there's no pressure but yeah im just gonna chill

for interface folks that will still be my main base of operations, so to speak. ive been on break bc ive been unwell plus school started and there's a lot of work in advanced biomed honours (rip my ass) but i still think about it daily lol.

i made the other server to have a space for just all my silly little ideas and doodles bc i dont want to post my random shit in interface but i still wanna show all my friends who i love a lot. no age limit or nothin so drop by if u want https://discord.gg/6dxa8N5KQx

i am trying so hard but my god its hard being alive.

art trades

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i wanna do some art trades w friends and im gonna make a thread post in IF server but i wanted to see if anybody outside IF was interested? idk i need to practice and i want something low pressure lmk if ur interested, happy to do as basic as ppl want just for funsies if ur fyre just dm me we should collab uwu

check out this sick raffle

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https://toyhou.se/24765508.f2e-art-raffle-yay alli_ens

their characters are kinda gay too so sub to them :eyes:

join interface

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we have fishing and fighting. what more could you want?

in all seriousness, check out the design raffle we have going on! https://toyhou.se/~forums/5868.species-discussion/440935.interface-free-myo-raffle-and-more i am actually obsessed with my clown-shark design and their chaos device. very silly.

interface has ARPG elements and is an rp so feel free to drop by to have a look <3 we have a lot of fun and there's a lot of design variety.

Join Interface. We are very cool and chill and also we have banger lore. https://discord.gg/6ZDHsJXn5c



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where do yall get the codes :gun: cough em up /lh

Obligatory Interface post

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