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  • Some of my characters have some pretty dark stuff in their backstories (ranging from sexual assault, general abuse, queerphobia, etc.). Granted, a lot of it isn't posted at the moment since I haven't expanded on their backstories on this site. Keep this in mind if you ever wanna talk to me about my characters. I'll gladly give you a warning before talking about this stuff though.
  • Any profile with content that's deemed nit safe for a work environment will have extra warnings on them just in case.
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  • If you end up kinning one of ky characters, please don't be weird about it. They're my characters at the end of the day, unless they're traded/sold.
  • My art ain't all that great, but please don't use it. Unless I end up making something for you. Then use that as often as you'd like.
  • The people who've made art of these characters put a lot of time and energy into them. Please don't steal those either.
  • Please don't offer on my characters unless they are in my for sale folder.
  • Sending inboxes is absolutely fine! Just please don't be like super gross right off the bat.
  • I'm absolutely fine with roleplaying! Though I'd prefer doing it over Discord (since I keep it open pretty much all the time when I'm awake). If you're interested, I'll gladly send you my tag.
  • Be a TERF/SWERF/homophobe/transphobe/generally gross human being in my direction and I will not hesitate to block you.


I don't really know what to put here at the moment. I hope you have a lovely day!

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