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Heya! please read and following these things:

  • If you are interest on a character that I have on my Trade/sale Folder, please Comment on it WITH your offer (or ask about what I'm looking for him, also you can send a Privated offer for it)
  • DON'T offer on anyone who ISN'T on the Trade/sale Folder (dont dare, I will bite you >:C!)
  • You may DON'T use any of my characters on anything, if I dont give to you the permission for that. (you need give me a cookie to dont bite you (?))
  • No one of my characters it's your's, so please DONT claim it if you dont really own it :) (I'll specially bite you)
  • You can use the palette colour of ANY of my characters, but please DONT copy the design or make it very close to my Character! (I may bite you? (?)) (no one has/can add ©Copyright to a Palette color, or an specific color (very ridiculous crying for it, sorry not sorry!))
  • If I discover the character what I've receive from you (for Trade or Sale) are Stolen from someone here, or outside of THIS site, I'll reserve the right to do the following things:
    • In case of Trade: I reserve the Right to Claim back a character traded. - In case of Sale: I'll claim a Refund of my Money in totality, or I'll open a case on Paypal for it. (and you can loose your account and money on it)
    • I reserve the Right to REPORT the account involved, even though the character has received it from a 3rd person (the report could only be with notice to the Toyhouse administration, to keep an eye on you.)
    • After of the report to account and receive my Character traded back, I'll process to delete the Character Stolen, after inform to the original and current Owner about this issue.
If you make click on "Accept the terms/warning", you automatic accept all of this, and other TOS from my part.

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