i do customs for pay! shoot me a DM on here, or discord (if you'd like a faster response) @ ronnie#6969 if you're interested. i accept payment in the form of deviantart points or USD (paypal and cashapp), but occasionally i'll accept art as payment. i only do customs over discord, it's easier for me to communicate and send progress updates that way.

  1. all of my rules apply to customs, aside from distribution rules.
    • this includes ensuring that my credit remains intact.
  2. my base price is $15.
    • if you have a particularly simple request, i am willing to haggle.
    • complexity will raise price, though will most likely never exceed $25.
  3. asking me to customize your code with custom colors, borders, box shadows, etc. is an immediate +$5. i do not enjoy doing it. there are resources out there that will allow you to figure out how to do it on your own if you would like. namely here.
  4. i appreciate having a sketch to work off of, as i'm a very visual person. however, i may be able to complete a request with a written description.
  5. payment (in USD or points) will be made once i am in the finishing touches stage of coding. i will send a screenshot of the code that you will approve, and once i recieve payment you will be able to test the code live and request any changes.
  6. codes will be delivered over discord via a .txt file.
  7. by default, the code will not be f2u by other people, and will only be accesible to you. if you allow it, the code can be made f2u by other people, with credit given to you for the layout / design / custom.
  8. if you would like your code to be kept private, let me know. otherwise it will be put up on display in my customs folder to add to my portfolio.