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(this is a SFW page, i'm just using the warning box for important info)

welcome to my page! :> you can find info & art of (most of) my original characters here

i'm currently collecting all the gift art i can, which is a slow & difficult process as some of it dates back years, but i try to upload a few every so often

if some art you made is not yet in the gallery, feel free to upload it and tag the character

if your art is uploaded but the credit is wrong or you would like a different one, feel free to message me

if you have a higher quality version of the one currently uploaded, that is also greatly appreciated!

i also very often receive questions like "can i draw [character]" or asking if certain types of art of them are allowed; you can now go to their character page and check out the do/don't section for a list of things i'm cool with! (for example, here's chip's character page)

a couple of my characters are for sale right now, if you like a design you can adopt them for yourself - all currently available characters can be found here

you can also find a list of all the characters i currently own here

thanks for reading! :>

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