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About Me

Age 18
Activity Semi-active
Message me on Toyhou.se
Other Notes
  • im kinda selective with rping... i prefer if we're friends, but if u wanna be friends through this, idm!
  • kinda iffy to rp w minors, sorry
RP Location

Google Docs
Anywhere else
Other Notes
  • i prefer to rp on discord.
  • i also prefer to rp on a seperate server, with space for different settings, discussion, etc.
  • friendship.. please... i offer him
  • please dont ask abt rping anywhere else where i havent specified

One on One
Up to 3
Up to 4
As Big as Possible
Other Notes
  • 1-1 is probably simplest, but we both have to be willing too :flushed:
  • small groups are fine with me! ^_^
  • i have a tendency to avoid large servers so... unless it's like, a yttd/dr rp i don't think i'll be up for it U_U
Post Type

Script Style

1 or 2 Sentences
1 or 2 Paragraphs
2 to 5 Paragraphs
5+ Paragraphs
A few pages worth
Other Notes
  • personally i think the amount of action happening usually indicates how much i'll write...
  • if i'm rlly into it, ill probably write at least a paragraph!
  • i often have a really dumb pee brain, however... i usually prefer to stick to headcanons and simple sentences bc of this ^_^
  • sometimes i can get wordy! i'll generally match my partner though, tbh.
  • though if you're looking for nsfw rp... i'll only do h/c.
Preferred Character Types

Don't care

Don't care

Original species
Other Notes
  • i have a handful of female ocs [cries] but i generally rp my male ones.
  • [cries] i mostly have human/oid ocs so.. i wont rlly be open to other types tbh
  • im more of a realistic person, so i dont tend to rp supernatural kind of stuff ;;; i'll be open to it though!
  • in general i rlly dont mind that much??? like u can talk to me abt it and ill be chill, i just sometimes may not seem interested in things at first ^_^ i trust you to get me into it osudhdsfsfd
RP Types

Action / Adventure
Horror / Mystery
Slice of life / Casual
Canonical Universes
Other Notes
  • casual/slice of life is probably what im most used to?
  • im very open to aus, i generally create a lot of au parts for my ocs [stares at issei]
  • im also open to canon universes, but i should at least be into it too ;;; the only ones i can think of atm are yttd and danganronpa

Must be planned in advance
Characters must know each other
Depends on the character & situation

Exclusive Relationships
AU relationships with others
Other Notes
  • shipping is fun!!!
  • im open to practically any sort of shipping. i think
  • idk....... what else to say
  • my characters in AUs are generally somewhat similar. some ocs may be somewhat semi-open, so i dont mind too much if we talked abt it!
  • im even open to like abs=usive situations so uh [peeeeees]
Relationship Speed

Slow and steady
Molasses, I want to suffer
Depends on the characters
Other Notes
  • it just.. always depends on the characters for me ^_^ for example, it's difficult to build a relationship with issei. certain situations may cause more intimacy.
  • pees.,,...,..

Skip the act
Write build up, skip act
Only write the act if it's good
Write the act always
Other Notes
  • im not too interested in rping smut bc it;s not rlly my main focus
  • i dont write smut bc im like... h0rny or whatever, i write it to develop/study the characters and relationship
  • so uh.... im more likely to skip it
Romantic Artwork

Post what I'm comfortable with
Post but don't show me
Don't ever post w/o consulting
Don't care

Hugs or Cuddles
Sexual Acts
Other Notes
  • PLEAAASE SHARE THE ART I... i love art
  • u dont even have to ask!! u can just be like "uh hey i drew dis" and bam
  • though ig give a warning if its like nsfw so im not like [instant pees]

No violence at all
Discuss it with me first
Don't care

Verbal arguments
Mild (Papercut, Elbow to the face...)
Normal (Stabbing, Fist fight...)
Extreme (Torture...)
Other Notes
  • violence... :flushed:
  • im pretty much good w anything.. probably just talk to me abt it doe
Psychological Problems

Neurotypical only
Discuss it with me first
Don't care

Depression or other similar problems
Extreme personality problems, PTSD, etc.
Other Notes
  • i pretty much dont care much for this section!
  • i have both nt and nd ocs so ^_^ we can go ham
  • but uh... if you have a character with things like "split personalities" or something like that maybe.. dont... [pees] unless you've researched DID/OSDD but like if not please dont talk about things like that w me i'll get rlly uncomfortable
Dramatic / Violent Artwork

Post what I'm comfortable with
Post but don't show me
Don't ever post w/o consulting
Don't care

Mental stress or self harm
Mild depictions (scrapes, bruises...)
Average depiction (open wounds...)
Extreme depictions (dismemberment, torture...)
Other Notes
  • pl ea S e
  • self harm (specifically c*ts) can range from pee out trigger me to "eh" so if u do draw smth like tht please warn me beforehand!
  • i prefer u asked me first unless we're like close but like :flushed: i mean if we've discussed smth prior to tht i'll be a little more open

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