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Some characters may contain NSFW and morally incorrect ideas, which I do not support. The content are there as part of the character's unique personality and life.

Therefore before proceeding I advise strongly to understand this warning to prevent rude remarks pointed at me, or anyone I received the character from, as the creators.


Characters you have received from me via trade or freebies are not allowed to be used commercially or to be sold. Only allowed to be traded or given away for free as well. 

Characters you have received from me via purchasing adoptable (auction and set price) are okay to be sold, but only with the same price you purchased them for. You may sell for higher price if they have gained more value from many art pieces or physical goods. ONLY OKAY FOR COMMERCIAL USE IF YOU AB IN AUCTIONS, OR IF IN SET PRICE I STATED SO.

Characters you received from me via OTA are okay to be sold, BUT ONLY WITH THE SAME VALUE YOU OFFERED TO ME BEFORE. No commercial use allowed.

Please be a decent person and respect these rule. Thank you, kindly 🙏✨

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