Adopt TOS & Rules

Posted 2 years, 11 months ago by puppymisha

a D O P T   R U L E S


  • Adopts are nonrefundable. But reselling through the forums or links is ok!
  • Seller may refuse to sell for any reason they see fit.
  • Adopts are CLOSED SPECIES. You may not make your own unless in a event or given direct permission.
  • Small edits to adopts are allowed. Major changes such as species change or overall design are not allowed. The adopt must still be recognizable   after edits.
  • Poofylion still reserve some rights to the design.
  • One must wait a two week period before reselling.
  • Adopts listed as "First Timers Only" mean that people who do not have a adopt are the only ones that can purchase.
  • When reselling you may not resell for more than what you have paid, UNLESS your adopt has extra art.
  • Trades are allowed & encouraged!
  • There isn't really a rule on hoarding adopts, we just ask that you are considerate when it comes to giving other people chances.
  • Adopt traits can affect the price of a adopt.
  • You do not have to follow the adopt's lore/backstories!
  • Anyone caught breaking the rules will first have a warning. Then after that will be banned from purchasing adopts and participating in the group.

  • All adopts are PURCHASED with USD ($).
  • No Holds on flat rate adopts. All payments are upfront through Paypal.
  • Please only one adopt per person when batches are posted. Anyone caught hoarding entire posted batches will be warned then barred from adopts.
  • Patrons get a 15% discount on any adopts! You must state before the transaction is completed that you are a patron.

Thank you so much!

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