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Posted 4 years, 6 months ago by Sproutlette

Tags organized by color:

Sorted By Body Style - inspiration from pokemon's body style sorting system

Progress / Needed Works:

  • Needs Ref - needs an 'official' reference sheet of some kind to depict proper design
  • Needs Aes - needs an aesthetic, moodboard, pinterest, etc to depict characters' vibes
  • Needs Desc - needs an 'official' character description
  • Needs Icon - needs 'official' icon ('mini charm' style, drawn by me)
  • Needs Art - needs art uploaded
  • Needs Design - needs finalized design
  • Needs Dev - needs major development before I'm satisfied (usually with description/story)
  • Needs Revamp - needs major design change before I'm satisfied
  • Needs Color Tag - needs to be tagged according to color
  • Tag - needs tags in general

Sorted By Body Style - inspiration from pokemon's body style sorting system

body__ball.pngcharacters consisting of only a head / ball
body__legs.pngcharacters consisting of a head and legs
body__fish.pngcharacters with fins / aquatic bodies
body__armor.pngcharacters with insectoid / armored body
body__quadruped.pngcharacters with a quadruped body
body__bug-wings.pngcharacters with two or more pairs of wings
body__heads.pngcharacters consisting of multiple bodies
body__tentacles.pngcharacters with tentacles or a multiped body
body__blob.pngcharacters consisting of a head and a base
body__upright.pngcharacters with a bipedal, tailed form
body__humanoid.pngcharacters with a bipedal, tailless form
body__wings.pngcharacters with a single pair of wings
body__squiggle.pngcharacters with serpentine bodies
body__arms.pngcharacters consisting of a head and arms

WIP - To Be Updated/Added to Later. This is for my use, but feel free to reference this bulletin!


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