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Posted 3 years, 3 months ago by canonkiller

making this a bulletin so it's easy to figure out bc i've been looking at so many people's profiles recently for character swap reasons and sometimes that information is just Not There

how to do it [pick one]:

  • comment on the profile of the character you want to offer on
  • direct message me with a link to the character you want to offer on
  • message me on one of my other platforms with a link to the character you want to offer on
    • all of my main sites are usually checked multiple times a day, including toyhouse
what to offer:
  • usd / money >>> designs / art
    • may also consider other forms of payment like steam gift cards, etc
  • top choices are in my 'designs i like / want' folder (i try to keep this pruned down so that any offer made with one will be likely to be accepted)
  • i don't care if an offered design is 'HQ' / name brand or not, it really only matters if i vibe with it. may have more interest in designs my friends have made bc i like supporting them
who to offer on:
  • any designs in my 'OTA / For Sale' folder are fair game (though don't offer lower than the prices listed if they're set price)
  • may consider serious offers on designs that i did not create
  • most the designs i've created will not be for sale, as many of them are personal
  • sonas and headworld characters are 100% not for sale
  • the more art the character has (or, for designs i've made, the older they are) the less likely i'll be willing to sell them
  • i won't block anyone for offering on an off-limits character or anything, but like, try to check first
any questions?
ask them here and i'll answer! (and i'll update the post if it's a big thing!)


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