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decided to make this so i don't need to add that big text of rules everytime ( ノ˙꒳˙ )ノ :・゚✧

i won’t reply here but i DO read every single comment and each one makes my day! thank you so much for using my codes and the support! <3

EDIT 21 FEB 2020 : you guys are so kind wth....??  i cannot stress this enough, thanks again for the lovely comments ;—;

  • WYSIWYG is to be disabled and Code Editor is to be turned on!!

    • These are found in Settings → Display settings
  • Leave the credits on the templete; as long as it's visible and links back to the original code, I don't mind how you change it.

    • This also applies if you frankenstein my work with other creators. If it's just for a small thing (like using headers, how this bit works, etc), credit is not needed.
  • YES, you may change/modify whatever you want! Colours, font, adding backgrounds, language, go for it!
  • please comment if you use it, I'd love to see your characters' profiles!! :'3
  • A simple fav for the code is also all I need to know if you plan to use it or not.
TIPS and Resources
  • Don't know how to turn off WYSIWYG? Check this forum post.
  • If you need help with general coding stuff, ask questions in this forum post or check out these references (this one is great for beginners!).
  • Want to learn more about these guys ( )? Visit the font awesome website or see @togedemaru's helpful reference here!
  • Looking for a good online code editor? Try! Since it uses cookies to automatically save your work and is free to use. ;)


Hi i'll be using your code "remind" !

Also, read the rules :D


I read it this! code is very nice to look at <3

Read! your codes are very lovely! ^w^ 

read ^^

Read! Very nice codes! :D

Read!! Your codes are all so nice!

i read this! Your codes are really cool

Read! Your codes are super neat! <3

Your codes are super great ^^ I will use some, thank you very much <3

Gonna be using Noxious for my main sona, such cool codes, thank you so much! <3

read it! i love your code

I’ve read ur tos!!!!

read!! ur codes r so cool <33

woop woop, read da rulz

Read it! :D


Read, thanks!

Using Break for Rudy! Maybe I'll use more codes for other characters later... Thank you so much^^

Read! Thank you so much!

Read! 💫 <3


I've read the rules and using the codes~! :D

using user foggy on my profile :D

read ! <3

I'm using Panoramic, tysm for the F2U codes!

Using your code! Thank you very much for creating! ^^

using tacit! thank you :DD

read !


I am using the code "Break"!

It's amazing and it's the perfect code ever ;-; thank you so much for making it and releasing it for us to use!! You're awesome! <3

read! :^]

read the rules!

Read the rules. I love these codes. :)

Read the rules!

read the rules!! tysm for your codes, i'm super excited to use them!! :D

I read the rules!! Tysm for your codes, they're awesome!! :D

i read the rules !

read! i plan on using some of your codes, commenting beforehand so i don’t forget :D

read the rules :D

Using <3 I gotta say, your codes are so cute!! I might use some more in the future, I like them a lot!! Keep up the good work :D

Read the rules and used your code for my profile, might use others in the future, thanks so much!

read the rules teehee

Read the rules <3

Read the rules, awesome codes by the way!!

l read the rules, thank you for making this for us <3

Thanks for making the codes!!! :3

Thanks for making some awesome codes! Read the rules, planning on using some today <3

i've read the rules and plan to use it some time!! thank you so much <33 (my character th is tan0san)

read! tysm!

Read, thank you so much! :)

read! using whimsical

read , ty for the codes <3

read it !!!! :] using languid for one of my sonas

I've read, Thank you! I totally wanna try and use some codes!

read it, thanks!

i've read it, tysm for your work!!

I have read this. Ty

using Trace! tysm!

using some codes!

I have read this! ty

i have read the above! tysm! 

read !! absolutely love your work :]

read it! thank you!

Read! Thank you so much for the codes, I'm using your warriors bio 1 code for my warrior cats and it's perfect for what I was looking for! <3

Read! I really love your codes!! They are some of my favorite ones, im going to use "Ample" for some of my main ocs becouse its kinda the exact thing i was looking for. Thank you for making all these wonderfull templates <3

Read! :)

Read and I’m likely going to use! Beautiful templates!

Read it! Thanks for being amazing and providing wonderful temples for people like me who have no idea how to code haha

Read it! Using a couple of your codes, since I needed somethin simple for some ARPG characters, thank you :)

read and using 'user minute'! it's such a nice code, thank u for sharing them with us :D

Read and most likely gonna use! ^^

Read It! Your codes are so nice istg

I have read it! ;3 It's still a wip but:

read, tysm !!

read it tysm!

read it!!!! :3 you put so much work in these codes <3

read!!! thanks for putting so much hard work into your codes ':]

read! tysm for letting us use your codes the layouts look amazing <3

read and used!

Read! Thank you for your resources <3

read! i'll be using some of your codes, thank you so much for your hard work!

read! will be using lots of ur codes and favoriting them <3

Read and used on my profile ! Thank you for the code   

Love your codes!   Read and gonna use Essentials. Thinking of using some more later on too

read!!! Thank you so much~~!!!!!

using! bless you for this, it's been a while since i've coded and your little tips guide in the code put me back in the right direction

Read! Thank you for making these, they're super helpful!

read it, thank you for the code!


read !!

Read ~

read < 3


read <3 setting sumthin up on this gal :] Your codes are awesome ngl--I'll probs be using the same code for this man too

read !! using the code for my char , i love it !!