$FREE  = Free, just ask for it and Ill transfer them over.

Anything not labelled $FREE is offer what you want.

Anything labelled "Favorites" is off-limits


Hey there! I saw this character in your sale/trade folder and I was wondering if you would trade art or characters for them!


For Blair and rei I could offer 3 fulls and 2 busts or 3 fulls and one bab of mine but tent on a few babs

Oh sorry, their not for sale.

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Sorry theyve been taken already.

I like these 2 if they aren't taken? :0

Sorry those two were taken on DA aready

ohh if https://toyhou.se/4929121.-free if avaliable ill take em!

i can also offer art for https://toyhou.se/2378805.-free if you’re interested!

Sorry, this one was taken offsite.

Sent them over!

thank you!