So here are some links for the character sale instead  


  • Fair Trades 
  • I can accept points or Paypal 
  • No stolen characters 
  • I accept artwork too 


Comment below if you are interested  


I'm tempted to go for two of the BNHA ocs >x<"
Chiyoko Madoka & Chiasa Miyashita
probably due to their purple hair >////x////<
I'm a sucker for purple hair >///<
and I know that I can only offer art >///<"

Well I'm not sure what kind of bundle to suggest for both of them tbh D: 

Since it is a mixture of commission art and my drawings for Chiasa ^^' 

But Chiyoko I would accept offer for just art or custom character as an idea? 

I can understand that, we can work on some sort of an agreement for Chiasa qwq (I totally understand you qwq)

a Custom character, now that is something I haven't tried before OoO I can even throw in a head-shot of set Custom character owo free off charge ^^

Awesome just message me the details for both ideas saves clogging up the comments xD 

Sure xD
I can understand that x3