Artist: Shows me WIP of a design for me ( This was a day ago )
Me: [[ Trips ]]
[[ Tumbles ]]
[[ Makes one sketch headshot, one silly doodle, and one WIP fullbody of the character ]] Oops--



Fluffy noodly dergs are my weakness 😭

I won't show the WIP that the artist made, as I think they would prefer it to be private qwq!
It is a design I've preclaimed some time ago from uwuloo pwp. I saw the WIP design alongside with other dergs, set as an example for when they were selling a custom slot. I DM them, asking to see if it is possible to preclaim the design ( If available, as I wasnt sure if it was gonna be an adopt or already in the works for someone ) pwp. Admittedly did got happy when they were available pwp!
I vibe excitedly for the design pwp. But I will wait, as I am already aware that the artist is busy n3nb.

Ps. I have not decided a name on her yet. I do wanna wait for the design to be completed first to think of one nwn.

( Edit ) Make that four--


OMG it's precious   


She looks beautiful so far!! qwq Can’t wait to see the finished design!! 💖 (Also, fluffy noodly dergs are superior)

Thank you! I am excited to get to show her someday!
Artist is busy so it may still take some time qwq! But I am excited!

( I 100% agree with you right there <3!! )