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Welcome to this soft opening to the InkMate Catalog World on 

I say soft opening since this "World" was intended for purposes of starting an ARPG for the InkMate species.
However, I'd like to spark more community interactions with each other with opening a place where you all can congregate and chat.
DeviantArt doesn't have anything forum wise for anyone to interact. I do find it difficult approaching others privately. Then again, it's private so it becomes 1-to-1 interaction which doesn't include for outside parties to try to be apart of an RP or anything. People may start groups on Skype or LINE but again, that's some organization skills many people might not have the time to put their free effort into. Thus, here I am putting my effort into joining you all together. It's the least I can do for you all supporting me through and through. Thank you.

Alright. With a forum, there comes some general rules to abide by. These rules are global for all forums; however, each forum will have a stickied rules thread to help give direction to what each forum is about. Please read them before posting or else you'll find yourself being talked to by a moderator, admin, or me.


Global Forum General Rules

  • Please be respectful and kind to others.
    • Rude behavior is not tolerated on this forum. 
    • If you have some beef with someone, take it out of forums privately. If there is something severe going on between you two that you need help someone mediating, please contact any of the moderators, admins, or myself to help out. Wait before you publicly display your predicament.

  • Please do not advertise or solicit non-InkMate related material.
    • However, we do not tolerate begging for InkMate-related material.

  • Please make sure you are posting in the correct forum. If you are unsure, please post something under the questions forum. 

  • Please keep Mature/NSFW content under the appropiate forums. I'm all for naughty Ink Time but please post accordingly.
    • The Mature/NSFW forums are only viewable by members as well as many other forums.

  • Please do not spam threads in order to bump them. This forum is small enough for the time being.
    • If you must bump a thread, please do it in 2hr intervals.
    • Subject to change.

  • Please do not steal/trace/heavily reference any material under this forum.
    • If you are guilty of this action, you will be blacklisted right away.

  • Please be safe linking and clicking outgoing links.
    • Be wary when showing off unwatermarked characters.
    • Be wary if linking websites or even clicking outgoing websites.
    • These are just precautions since not all communities are free of bad seeds.

  • Failure to abide by these rules, except in certain cases, will result in one warning. A secondary offense will boot you from the "World" and you will be blacklisted.

Many Announcements and Updates will be found under the "Announcements + Updates" forum.
Bulletins will serve as a reminder for events or if something needs to be known.

 >>sonyaism ♥


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