Commission Rules

Posted 3 years, 2 months ago by PumpkinCatCarnival

dfxke9c-804c4f0e-6910-4401-94aa-bcda5385If you are having trouble viewing my commissions Rules on mobile, you can view them here 

Please make sure you read all my rules/TOS below before ordering.
Commissions can be ordered through my Notes/DMs on Toyhouse,
Discord (if you share a server with me as my Discord is mostly private)
Twitter Direct messages or via email upon request.
But prefer Notes here on Toyhouse to keep things organised!

  DO NOT steal, edit, trace, re-upload, claim or copy my art/designs 


dfmwm3g-add3585d-952e-4aac-a044-abe4b2deWhat I will/won't draw 
(also depends on the type of commission ordered)

I can draw...

Anthros, Animals, Humans, Humanoids, some closed species, decor, backgrounds (depending on commission type)
Original Characters, some Canon Characters
SFW only!
sometimes complex designs including armour and robotics (may cost extra depending on commission)
  Non-commercial use only!

I will not draw...

NSFW, suggestive themes, hentai, gore, nudity, violence, abuse, sensitive content, self harm, fetishes, sexualized animal/anthro designs, etc.
Muscular characters, old/aged characters, or characters that I don't feel work with my style
in someone elses art style or change my art style
Anything that makes me  uncomfortable!

  All Payments are to be made in USD via Paypal only
 Please only claim a slot when you are ready to pay for your commission
 I will not start a Commission until Full payment has been Recieved
 If you fail to pay for a commission, falsely claim slots or spam, you may be banned/blocked
 Refunds are generally not allowed except for significant circumstances and if I have not started your commission,
or for some reason I am unable to complete your commission.
 I DO NOT accept commissions from minors (as you must be 18+ to have a PayPal account)
 PLEASE DO NOT Purchase from me via someone elses PayPal. if someone else is paying for you, you must have consent.
Please notify me in advance that you are not paying with your own account, you must have consent to use the funds of that account
 (I may ask for proof of this if you are not a known customer).

Before ordering
  Please make sure you check out other artworks I have drawn in that style
  CHECK that you are ordering the correct thing and that all details/refs you submitted are correct
  Please USE THE FORM I provide on the commission type
  Remember all commissions are for non commercial use only! You can not use my art to make profit by selling merchandise etc.
  If you are purchasing an artwork as a gift or for somebody else, please make sure you have
permission to draw their character first!

Providing References
  When ordering a commission you must provide at least one visual reference of the character
 I may decline if the references are unclear or too confusing
  I am not taking custom design commissions or drawing characters based on
 written descriptions or multiple different images without one clear reference.
 When providing references please make sure they are SFW or censored
 I will work with what references you provide, I will not search references on your behalf
 If all your references look very different (ie every reference has a different hair color/style, eye color, outfit type etc)
and no specific instructions are given on which reference to follow,  I will choose the
clearest reference to work with or may decline your commission.

My process and delivery
  Completion time will depend on the commission type, amount ordered/workload
 Wait time can vary from a couple of days up to 1 month for larger commissions/orders
 Please be patient and do not ask for continuous updates so I can focus on your commission
 I will send you a direct message ( or comment for YCHs) with the completed commission
 If I believe the commission will take longer than 1 month from order date,
I will contact you with an estimate delivery date.
 No matter how big or small the commission I always aim to get it done as soon as I possibly can!
 I will only provide WIP sketches/updates for large commissions ($80USD and up) upon request,
but please keep in mind, I prefer not to stop and start as much as possible as its can affect the final
outcome of the artwork and time it will take to complete.
 I will not make changes to a completed commission unless there is an error on my part



May I DM references instead of posting them publicly in forms? I currently have my characters hidden from the public 🥲 Edit: on discord I mean! For some reason I can’t even do access keys and have them work properly 😓

Sure, I keep my Discord private and only to people in servers I share, but I can turn that off for a while if you want to send me a  dm there. I will send you a Toyhouse note with my username

I wanted to know if you had a Patreon or something similar where fans can subscribe to you and your art?

Hiya, I currently don't have any membership or subscription service, I do have a Ko-fi, but this is only set up for donations.