username meme

Posted 4 months, 6 days ago by Snagglefangs

stole from iinkt

what mainly inspired your current username?

werewolves :)

do you have any past usernames? if yes, which one has been your favorite?

in general yes, so many. my favorite on toyhouse has been growl, idk what my overall fav has been

what’s your oldest user (if you’re comfortable sharing!)?

angelsnout or sugarcoyote overall, on toyhouse mobsterish

do you want to change your user or do you see yourself changing your username?

im trying to keep a brand. but sometimes

what’s your favorite part of your username?

shortish and kind of a word

on a scale of 1-10, how well do you think your username suits you?

like 9 or 10 ngl

have you seen similar users to your own?

sometimes i try to join a new site and someone has the un werefolk and im like what the hell.

what has been one of your favorite users you’ve seen?

man i dont know

do you think people associate you with your username a lot?

maybe idk what ppl associate me with

have you changed your user more than once?


last one, why did you choose this username to use on this/other sites?

werewolf good


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