Pixel YCH Terms of Service

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General Guidelines
- I'm accepting humanoids, kemonomimis and human with animal features. Ask about anthros - I accept in most cases when I don't have to redo the character base. I'm more restrictive for heavily animated YCHs.
- For animal YCHs, I accept any characters that fits the body build, that includes "real" animals and closed species. In this case I'm very restrictive even for static artworks.
- Any gender of the character(s) is okay, as long as they fit body build - ex. I won't redo a base that's intended for little kid for a grown up man to be on it's place, OR a base for wolf character for a cat to be on it's place. Base edits might be possible for additional payment. I'm okay with homosexual, heterosexual and other pairings.
- I have no preference regarding SFW or NSFW.
- Please provide clear references. I work only from visual references, sorry! Photos are fine both for clothes and characters.
- In most cases I can add a familiar for additional payment.
- For most YCHs, I can change color scheme of already finished background elements, such as pillows and flowers to fit your character even better (unless those elements are heavily animated). This is always free!
- That should go without saying, but please write in a clear and nice manner (no tiny, cute font as well - it's just uncomfortable to read for me, sorry!).
- I usually work Monday-Friday. I don't work on weekends and I barely use computer then (I'm just bumping the YCH thread once in awhile).

Last update: November 2, 2021

By commissioning me in any kind of way, you are agreeing to the Terms of Service below.
Failure to adhere to these Terms is grounds for immediate revocation of rights.
These ToS are subject to change, and this file will be updated when that happens.


1. Payment. 
    1.1 I'm accepting Paypal and DeviantArt Points (no preference). $1 = 100:points:
        1.1.1 Paypal Payment
            I'm accepting only USD currency.
            I'm sending an invoice to your Paypal account (it’s just for my convenience of tracking the transactions - I can give you my Paypal e-mail in a DM with the price if you prefer this way). I never require additional payment if there is a Paypal fee.
        1.1.2 DeviantArt Points payment
             I will make a Commission or Premium Content button for you to pay with points, DO NOT send me points unless I will ask for them.
    1.2 Payment has to be made up front.
    1.3 I gave a 48 hours time frame for you to pay for the slot you claimed. If payment is not made in that time then the slot will be re-opened for other people to get. Some exceptions allowed (inform me first!!).

    1.4 Rush job. I can accept a  rush job on demand if you need the commission to be finished as soon as  possible. This includes prioritizing the commission, working in the evenings and on Saturday (that means excluding Sunday completely). Rush job costs additional 50% of the slot price. If there is more than one Rush job at the moment, they're prioritized for First come, First serve. I reserve the right to say no to any rush job if I know I can't deliver it ASAP.

2. Work will be done in my own time and speed. Once I accept your slot, I will give you a more or less time when you can expect it to be finished. Unreported delays will be an extraordinary thing.

3. I reserve the right to say no to any commission.

4. No refund is considered.

5. No further selling "as-is" is allowed. That means, you cannot sell the artwork itself, but you include it to the character's gallery while you're selling the character. Please inform me on who is the new owner.
   5.1 Feel free to rise  character's price that includes my artwork in their gallery, but for the exact price or less than you have payed for it.
   5.2 Giving out the artwork for free is allowed, however please remember to inform me about this.
   5.3 Upon reselling your character that includes my artwork in their gallery, or giving away the YCH as gift, you must link the new owner to these Terms of Service, so that they may also abide by them.

6. Commercial use of finished commission (of any type) is forbidden. Please contact me to discuss it if you'd like to use it commercially.
    If you are not sure whether your request counts as commercial or personal, feel free to ask me about its intended use.

7. I have the ownership to the finished artwork, and you to the character.
     7.1 I hold every right to the produced artwork, not the commissioner. Therefore I´m allowed to use the copyrighted artwork to post to my deviantART gallery, portfolio or any other place or website in the original, as well as modified form, in order to promote or advertise myself or just simply display it whenever.
    7.2 The commissioner is allowed to use the copyrighted artwork for personal use (unless agreed otherwise). Print the artwork, and claim the right of their character(s) but not the drawing itself. Use the art to promote themselves with proper credit given to the artist.  
    7.3 If you break the copyright infringement in any way, every right you had to the drawing will be retracted.


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