guys for sale !!!!!!

Posted 8 months, 27 days ago by honeyslimed

trying to save up for a trip so

i am willing to haggle/look at any offers!! money will be prioritized :3

feel free to ask about what i'd look at for the 'offer' guys because some of them were received in trades/i'm unsure if i can sell them!!


id love to get this funky!!! no moneys but i could offer art/characters?

YESSS THE TETE..... i would gladly take art !!! or you can let me know if there's a specific folder you want me to look through :3

MEEEEEE YES when it comes to characters its most likely just these guys!!! and you know my art examples ;3c if youre uninterested in any of the ocs lemme know what ccan i draw for u!

OOOOH I AM A FAN OF THIS GUY ... but i would also gladly take just like . a headshot/bust or something :]

i can offer you hims and a flat bust then! ^w^

YEEEAAAAS i would accept !!!! :] could you do the bust of my animal. ....

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