design TOS & public blacklist

Posted 2 years, 23 days ago by lokatts

ive purpously made every artwork except the ref sheets watermarked heavily to avoid theft, my ocs means a lot to me and help me cope with my mental health and physical health and i dont want you taking them from me, it makes me really unstable

x Please don't claim/take credit for my designs.

x Do NOT delete a design of mine off of, please. If you delete my designs I will blacklist you.
x Please don't re-sell my designs for more than you bought it for unless it comes with additional artwork OR have my permission to do so.(Example: you bought design for $5 but trying to sell for $50 with nothing added on.)
x You are free to make adjustments to my designs as long as it's still recognizable.

x Don't bid on my designs if you can't pay upfront, I don't want to wait unless it's over $100. I'f you don't pay within one day of me confirming you're ready I'll end up contacting someone else.

(These are likely to never change, I have severe anxiety and paranoia aswell as PTSD and I just want to heal in peace, don't be an asshole about it.)

@bellchime a.k.a @heartgold  | @lofthearts a.k.a @/bloowolfy a.k.a @/kittenribbon (twitter + furaffinity) | @artymakes a.k.a @/gashamon a.k.a @/casterfolk a.k.a @/ayceedee_ (twitter + furaffinity) | @Mordecacti a.k.a @Stormimur | @kurusus a.k.a @meowthieu a.k.a @cringissimi a.k.a @/alyosha

If designs of mine are given to the following people, you too will be blacklisted, along with that I have NO INTEREST in having designs by the users above either, don't offer them I'm serious.


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